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Exploring Your Book Idea

Dreamer, Explorer or Planner

You have a passion, a calling, a God-given purpose - that you are ready to pursue.

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Writer, Speaker, Coach or Consultant

You are ready to move beyond your current means of expressing your message.

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You want to build your audience so you can impact the world on a larger scale.

If you say yes to any of these questions, then answers are right here.

  • Are you stuck and not sure what's next?
  • Are you watching others pass you by in your business or career?
  • Are you frustrated because your message is not being heard?
  • Are you longing to speak on stages and never getting selected?
  • Are you expanding to a new market or moving into a new career?
  • Are you looking to share your unique experiences with others?
  • Are you interested in adding new income to your bottom line?
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Programs For Your Author Journey

A suite of integrated, practical programs that yield real life results.

Publish Your Message

Publish Your Message

Nothing builds your authority like a quality book!  Get the knowledge, plan, encouragement and support to become an accomplished author.

Catapult Your Message

Catapult Your Message

Develop and implement your plan to build your audience, market and sell your programs, products and services.

Monetize Your Message

Monetize Your Message

Increase your impact by fueling your income. Learn and Implement the business side to create sustainability and growth.

The Premier Program To Become An Accomplished Author

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How We Are Different

We do not offer courses.

We are not a school. We are not an academy. We are not a university.


We deliver PROGRAMS.


Will You Learn? Yes! Of course!

We provide comprehensive teaching, but that is ONLY part of it. You don't want to just be a student. You don't want sit on the sidelines.

You want real life results. You want to impact others.

Surround yourself with other talented people who are committed to their mission. Surround yourself with a multi-channel program that guides and supports you in each stage. Surround yourself with the transformational growth you need to reach your goals.

Expect real life results.

Results that impact the world!

The Premier Program To Develop Your Professional Platform

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Our Programs Are Built On

The Person

We understand the personal journey people go through growing their public presence, publishing, building their platforms and businesses. We weave that transformational process throughout our programs..

The Message

We believe that every person has a message to contribute to the world, not just a select few.


Community is a value we hold high and encourage in all our programs.


We adhere to quality standards and utilize project management standards in what we deliver. 


We are serious about wanting our clients to prosper in their work so they can continue to grow and create more. We take the word "professional" seriously.

"The fulfillment of our purpose, the extent of our impact, and the legacy we will leave in large measure be determined by how connected and relevant we remain in the society our Creator has placed us."

- Dr. Charles Sanger, Co-Founder of Pilotage Group Inc.

The Clients Say It All

"Thanks to Charles and Elaine for their guidance, support and motivation. So grateful for the opportunity to work together!" 

Brian Weber, Author

Thud and Wonder