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It is that thing in your heart - your passion, your calling, your God-given purpose. It is HOW you express YOUR mission.

Your Message Programs

Publish Your Message

Your journey starts before you put pen to paper. This program gives you the knowledge, plan and encouragement to successfully self-publish, work through an agent or directly with a publisher.

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Market Your Message

It doesn't matter how you are published, you, as the author, are ultimately responsible for the success of your book. In this program you learn how to actively promote, market and sell your book.

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Monetize Your Message

Learn the basic business building blocks to fuel your creativity and increase your impact and influence. This workshop covers everything you need to know about the business side of being a professional author.

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What Our Programs Are Built On

The Author

First and foremost, we believe that every person has a message to contribute to the world. It is not just about the book.


As a family run business, we understand the personal journey authors go through and value the on-going relatinships that are formed through the process.


We take depth of content seriously. We adhere to quality and project management starndards in what we dliever.


Join us for this exciting LIVE event that is filled with breakthroughs for you. Be encouraged by real life stories, meet other focused people and hear from other authors. Most importantly, start taking YOUR next steps.

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People who have something to say. Want To-Be Authors, Published Authors, and Professional Authors. Speakers, Teachers, and Trainers. Entrepreneurs, Consultants, and Business Owners. It is for people who have one thing in common, they want to impact the world.

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How We Work

As a skilled captain guides a boat through unknown waters, our role as book publishers is to help authors successfully navigate the choppy waters of getting their message to market.

What People Are Saying


"Thanks to Charles and Elaine for their guidance, support and motivation. So grateful the opportunity to work together!"

Brian Weber, Author



"Charles and Elaine both showed tremendous leadership and without them my book couldn't have been possible." 

Jay Straub, Author


"We believe it is not just about the book. It is about the message."

- Dr. Charles and Elaine Sanger, Co-Founders Pilotage Group Inc.

Explorer? Writer? Author?

Where ever you are on your publishing journey, we can come along side to help you successfully reach your destination.

Your Message Programs

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Your Message Conference

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