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Your Message Conference 2019


It is that thing in your heart - your passion, your calling, your God-given purpose. It is how you express YOUR mission.

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People who have something to say. From Want To-Bes to Start Ups to Professionals. Writers and Authors. Speakers, Teachers, and Trainers. Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Business Owners. It is for people who have one thing in common, they want to impact the world.


Pause your every day life for two days. Join us while we help you focus on what is important to YOU - Your Message. Take time to focus on the two critical building blocks that will transform the way you think about what is possible and how to make your mission a reality.


OUR GOAL: To Help You Move Forward With A New Outlook, New Information and a New Plan of Action!

Special Guest Speakers

David Burkus

Keynote & Ted Talk Presenter, Best Selling Author, Harvard Business Review and Forbes Contributor

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Jon Cook

Founder Keynote Content, Speaker & Content Consultant

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Dr. Michelle Bengstrom

Author, Speaker & Neuropsychologist

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Your Hosts and Speakers

Dr. Charles Sanger

CoFounder Pilotage Group, Inc. Publisher, International Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author

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Elaine Sanger

CoFounder Pilotage Group, Inc. International Speaker, Marketing & Sales Consultant

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Want to expand your vision? We choose The Speedway Club for the second year for just that reason. The Speedway is huge (just like everything in Texas)! No matter what state you travel from, it is just 30 minutes west from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport off of 35W.


""Charles' and Elaine's kindness is matched by their comprehensive knowledge and unique ability to share that knowledge with others as they work together as a team. We've been very encouraged by them and wouldn't hesitate recommending other to them.""

James & Nikki Miles
Writers and Event Producers, Attendees 2018


Dr. Charles and Elaine Sanger are co-founders of Pilotage Group, Inc. After multiple businesses and spending years living on their sailboat, they developed a unique business philosophy of how they work.

"As a skilled captain guides a boat through unknown waters, our roles as book publishers is to help authors successfully navigate the choppy waters of getting their message to market."


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