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The Sangers

We are passionate about helping authors publish their message and get their books into the hands of the right audience. We co-founded Pilotage Group, Inc. to blend our talents to that mission. Pilotage Group has Your Message Programs for authors and as publishers, the Pilotage Publishing imprint.

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What Makes Us Unique 



You want a team who is solely focused on helping you spread your message. We are not distracted by sideline enterprises or flashy ideas. You and your message is our mission.

Leadership Team

You get double the leadership. Our founders are two high level professionals that have worked together for over 25 years. Each adds value in areas such as publishing, writing, project management, theology, culture, marketing, sales, creative and business development.

Adult Learner Experience

You should have people who know how to help you progress. We have opened and operated multiple training centers in the U.S. and internationally. Our previous teams have focused on the adult learner in computer, language, theology and Bible, finance and business development. And now writing, publishing and marketing.

Breadth of Background

You are strengthen by the fact of our experience. We are authors, program developers, AND publishers.

Continual Development

You deserve the latest and not dated information. We continually update and refine our programs and keep abreast of the latest training and publishing standards.


You can be sure that we want to do right by you. Our work is our mission. Helping you to be professional and successful is our primary aim.

Long Term Commitment

We will stick by you. We are not in this for the short run. We are committed to our mission and this is evident by our track record.

Our Philosophy

As a skilled captain guides a boat through unknown waters, our role as advisors is to help authors safely navigate the choppy waters of getting their message to market.

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Dr. Charles Sanger

Charles is a Publisher, Author Advisor and develops our programs using his project management certification background, publishing and business experience. He is a #1 best selling author, international speaker and has a Doctorate in Intercultural Studies from Grace Theological Seminary.

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Elaine Sanger

Elaine is the Marketing and Creative Director, an Author Advisor and a Publisher. She combines her corporate, entrepreneurial, nonprofit and design experience to direct marketing and sales. She is an international speaker and attended New York University's MBA program.

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