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As a skilled captain guides a boat through unknown waters, our role as book publishers is to help authors safely navigate the choppy waters of getting their message to market.

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Pilotage Group Inc. helps you get your message out to the world through our range of programs, events and publishing.

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The Sangers

We are passionate about helping people get their message from brain to book and in the hands of the right audience. We sailed our boat, Ancient Path, from Chicago to South America and everywhere in between. And now we are guide authors with a message that the world needs to hear.

Dr. Charles Sanger, Publisher

Charles is a #1 best selling author of Gilligan Meets Google. He directs and develops Your Message programs using his project management certification background and business experience. He is an international speaker and holds his Doctorate in Intercutlural Studies from from Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, IN.

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Elaine Sanger, Publisher

Elaine directs Your Message programs marketing and sales. She combine her corporate, entrepreneurial, nonprofit and book launching experience. She is an international speaker and attended New York University's MBA program. 

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Studies with Dr. Sanger

Access a growing library of unique papers and studies written by Dr. Sanger plus recommended articles. These are on topics including culture, theology, Bible and technology. You will be notified when new content becomes available. 

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