Jay Straub


Jay Straub

About The Author

JAY STRAUB was put on a path by his best friend that would lead him to fulfill the wildest dream he could have ever imagined. Fourteen years later, Jay would be a pilot, becoming a captain, for what is today the largest airline in the world.

During that career, Jay experienced two inflight emergencies, followed by an on the job injury that ended Jay's career. Jay gives God the credit for his survival. In the over two decards since his captain career ended with the largest airline in the world, Jay has spent time traveling to parts of the world speaking and giving the glory to his Lord, his Redeemer, Jesus Christ. He and his wife Letha currently live in Texas.

About The Book


A LIfe of Success, Tragedy, Betrayals and Hope

To quote from a small part of the introduction to the book, "Hang on to your hat; you're about to ride on a roller coaster that has been Jay's life." THEY CALL ME MIRACLE MAN is a memoir of the life of Jay Straub.

In it he shares how intrigued he was, as he sat on the front porch with his dad, watching the B-52s as they flew their approaches to land at the Amarillo Air Force Base. From there he goes on to share about his first flying lesson at the age of 12, progresses on to his first flying job at the age of 18, and then transitions to becoming a captain for, at the present time, the largest airline in the world, American Airlines.

In sharing about his career in aviation, Straub reveals some major events where God intervened to spare his life. Going from page to page, you will absorb Straub’s life in all of its ups and downs. He is very transparent in his failures along with his successes, and in all of it you will see God's provision, love, and healing hand.