Phillip Toole


Phillip Toole

About The Author

Phillip Toole is a guy who knows the ups and downs of life, relationships, religion, and business. He has been a public speaker, a pastor, and a spiritual director for over 30 years. Most recently Phillip founded Renaissance Faith Community, a delightful gathering of imperfect people. Their mission is trying to understand and share God's unconditional love.

He grew up on the Florida Gulf Coast and has lived in Texas, Oklahoma, and Alabama, so yeah, he has a bit of a drawl when he speaks.

He enjoys gathering with his family and friends for food, laughter, and love. He finds delight in good books, traveling, and being in the outdoors. His canine companion and assistant, Gracie reminds him daily of what he needs most – Grace!

About The Book


One Man's Journey Breaking Free From The Ashes To The  Land Of The LIving

Phil is a man who lived to help people work through their life challenges. Yet his world spiraled down when he found himself trapped by some of those very challenges. He felt he had no options. How could a “good person” make such catastrophic choices? He never dreamed it would happen to him.

The aftermath of those choices left shrapnel in his soul and those closest to him. Isolation and financial devastation followed. How did he get there – so trapped, disillusioned and haunted by anxiety?

Could there be a hope and a future? Could there be a comeback? It became a time of truth or consequences. Phil chose to lean into the pain and shame of the past, rather than hide them. With clarity and understanding, he paints a way out for others who feel trapped.

His story can help men get honest with themselves, about the things they often don’t want to talk about. But women might find help in getting inside the mind and heart of those men about whom they care.