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Did you know that 80% of the U.S. population wants to write a book . . . someday?

Is This For You?


 You may be telling yourself:

  • I've never even considered writing a book.
  • I don't have anything unique to write about.
  • I am not a writer and do not have any skills in that area.
  • This certainly is not a good time to even think about this.

Well, those ideas may be in your mind, but we would like you to set them aside for a minute.

We firmly believe that everyone has a purpose. 

We are passionate about helping people develop their message out to the world.

So it may be time for you to consider your book!

We realized that before we start a trip, we pull out a map to look at the routes we can take. It gives us an overview and idea of what is involved.

And that is what Chart Your Course does for you. It gives you an overview of the journey. 

Know your next steps.


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  • Have an overview of an author's journey.

  • Understand where you are right now in your journey.

  • Determine your next steps.

  • Gain insights on the critical success areas.

  • Hear about other people's journeys.

  • Learn powerful secrets.

  • Clarify your choice to step forward.

Take the assessment.

This is where it all begins. In under 2 minutes, you will have your score that tells you what stage you are right now.

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Read your result documents.

There are PDFs for each stage so you can learn more about where you are and what you can do to move forward.

The Chart Your Course details.


First you will determine where you are right now!

You receive an online assessment that you can complete in under 2 minutes. (Most people do it in under 1 minute.)

Second, you will receive your results in the form of a percentage score.

Then you will want to review your results, which will be delivered as a PDF that tells you what stage you are in, about that stage and it gives you a list of possible next steps.

And it is FREE!

Just click on the button NOW and get started.

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We hope you join us for Chart Your Course.

It's our GIFT to You!

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