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The Premier Program To Become An Accomplished Author

Transitioning from a person with ideas, stories, knowledge and wisdom to an author is a journey. All accomplished authors know that it is an experience that changed their lives... and the lives of many people they never even met.

That is the power of books.

Publish Your Message will transform your life.


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If You Answer Yes To Any Of These Questions...

- Are you stuck and not sure what's next?

- Are you watching others pass you by in your business or career?

- Are you frustrated because you message is not being heard?

- Are longing to speak on stages and never getting selected?

- Are you expanding to a new market or moving into a new career?

- Are you looking  to share your unique experiences with others?

- Are you interested in adding new income to your bottom line?

Then Publish Your Message Is For You!

Why Chose The Publish Your Message Program?

There are so many reasons, but our authors say it all. Here are 12 powerful reasons to enroll now!

Achieve Your Goals

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Create your book so it achieves your goals through our unique proposal writing process.


Plan your path to move from an idea to professional author with our guidance and materials.


Publish your book within realistic timelines using our step-by-step process.

Personalize Your Plan


You can fit it into your schedule - no matter your workload - for you have 12 months which can be extended.


You have a talented team of professionals who constantly advance the program.


You receive in depth content - with over 60 short video lessons online (and mobile app!) to learn as you progress.

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Supportive Community

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You are not alone! Our collaborative group gives you peer input and accountability.


You have support and additional learning during the 20 Author Actions Calls, Facebook Group and Live Events.


You know what is next. We supply you with your own project plan and templates so we can chart your progress together.

Get Results - Publish Your Book


Produce a quality book using professional publishing industry standards that are integrated in the program.


Decide on your best publishing method, through our preparation for traditional, hybrid or self publishing models.


Your ISBNs, book cover design services and interior layout are included. DONE!

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Plus Professional Knowledge And Experience!

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As An Accomplished Author You Will:

  • Increase Your Authority

  • Improve Your Credibility

  • Receive More Respect

  • Command Higher Fees

  • Open Other Income Streams

  • Leap Over Your Competition

  • Reach Wider Audiences

  • Impact Others In New Ways

  • Influence More People

The Authors Say It All

"Charles and Elaine both showed tremendous leadership and without them my book couldn't have been possible."

Jay Straub, Author

They Call Me Miracle Man

Jay Straub, author
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Dr. Charles Sanger

Your Author Advisor